Hi, and welcome to my website :-)

My name is John Mooney and I work as a Production Sound Mixer...sometimes referred to as a 'Sound Recordist'.
I supervise and record the on-set Sound for TV Dramas and Movies.
Just over 30 years ago I seem to remember a keen teenager being accepted as a Sound Trainee at the BBC...

Brief Career History...

I started out in 1985 as a trainee for the BBC at Television Centre in London where I was lucky enough to work across the complete range of the BBC's programmes being made there.

At that time the BBC liked its trainees to gain as much experience in as many different areas as possible so although I was based at Television Centre I, like all the trainees at the time, was "shipped out" to other departments on attachment once my initial 3 year training was complete.

At Television Centre I worked on many large studio shows.
These included big Multi-Camera Studio Dramas (the BBC still did these in the late 80s), Light Entertainment, Sitcoms, Game-Shows, Sport, Music, News, Current Affairs and Childrens' TV.

As well as working at the main BBC studios I also worked for their Outside Broadcast Department and gained valuable experience of covering large events such as Pop Concerts, Sport and National Events.
I then had an attachment to the BBC Film Unit before returning to Television Centre where I was attached to TV Post Production for about a year.
After that I had a brief spell back in the studios before working for the News and Features department where I travelled over the UK and Europe as the Recordist part of a 2 man PSC/ENG crew.

After doing this for a couple of years I went back to Television Centre from where we also serviced the BBC's Elstree studios crewing requirement.
I continued to work for the BBC, alternating between Television Centre and Elstree, until the mid 90s when I left to become freelance.

Since leaving the BBC I have mainly worked on Film and TV Drama as a Production Sound Mixer.
Along the way I've collected an impressive array of equipment which can cope with anything from small budget productions to large Hollywood Features and comes supplied in a fitted out Sound Vehicle.

Recent Courses attended and other bits and pieces...

CREATIVE SKILLSET Safety Course: "Safe Management of Productions" Parts 1 & 2 (Expires January 2023)

SCREENSKILLS Safety Course: "Coronavirus basic awareness on Production"


NETFLIX/SCREENSKILLS Course: "Leadership and Management"

NBC Universal Course: "Respect in the Workplace"

BBC Safety Course: "Working with Children"

BBC Safety Course: "Children & Young People as contributors in Drama"

£ 10M Public Liability Insurance

Full UK Driving Licence

Current UK Passport valid for more than 6 months

Trading As : VAT Registered UK Limited Company

Professional Memberships...

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Association of Motion Picture Sound



Cinema Audio Society